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Despite things being crazy at home I have been reading.  Although not as much as I would like and only at night before bed, but I have been reading.  A few months ago Papa Hunt read the first book in the Hunger Games Trilogy and couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was.  When he discussed them with me I thought...ugh science fiction.  Yet, he swore up and down that I would love them so I indulged him and began reading this beloved series of his.....well hot damn he was right (here is where I would want me to tell all my readers that he is always right so I should know by now that he is always right).  Well anyways.....

It was so friggin good.  I mean I stayed up to one o'clock during Christmas vacation to finish the first one and the next night immediately started reading the second one.  They are that good.  Not only are the characters so well written, you find yourself deeply caring about them. You are find that you are invested in them and experience the ups and downs of their lives with them.  Without giving away too much of the book it is set in a world where we are now broken up into districts with one Capital District in charge.  Each year to remind the districts of the war and how they lost each of the districts must supply one male and one female teenager to be brought to the Capital to compete in a death match with the other districts children.  The winner of this competition not only gets a lot of honor but they will bring much needed food and supplies back to their district. 

I loved this because you find yourself connecting with the main character Katniss, her family, and the love triangle that she gets herself into.  In fact those who have read the books start getting geeky like those who love twilight with team Jacob and team Edward.  Except with the Hunger Games its Team Peeta and Team Gale (for the record I was team Gale for two books then firmly moved into team Peeta for the third). 

These books are a quick great read and I would suggest them to only two complaints about them is in the third book there are two deaths which I did not feel were given adequate print time considering who they were.  The second complaint I do not feel that these books were young adult.  I think the would be great for high school kids, but for middle school I think the subjects that are dealt with are a bit too heavy. 

If you haven't already go buy these books and read them....Have you left yet???
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  1. On my summer reading list when I have time for more than just my two book club books every month!

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