Momma Hunt

First let me say how crazy it is that it is already July.  I am so excited for all the finalists who are in the process on the way to becoming Mamavation Mom's.  I know how nerve wracking this is for them and I wish them all well.

Although my eating has not been great-not horrible but not great....I have been running. Every other day and on Sunday I ran a practice 5k.  Although my overall time only dropped by like 5 seconds I was able to get my first mile time down to 13 minutes which was great and it means I am running the whole thing and at a good pace too.

My goal is to get my eating back under control it has been hard the first week being home with my kiddos and making the transition but I have a goal for the summer which is to be as active as possible and get down to about 210 or less before school starts again.  I hope you all have a great week!

How has everyone's week been??
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  1. I love your goal! A 13 mile run is really good. Go you! Hang in there and best of luck during July it's getting HOT out there.

  2. Great job, Erica! I know you can keep at it and meet your goal!! Remember when you couldn't imagine running a 5K? You've come a long way, baby!

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