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So although the heat here in CT has been so brutal that I couldn't really exercise this week I was able to loose 4.8 pounds of the 5 I gained during my I don't know what phase.  I was very happy that I lost this much and am felling a bit more back on track.  My only issue is the lack of fitness which has a ton to do with the heat here in CT.  Even at 6am it is over 80 and too hot.  I have been gardening and keeping up with the kids and going to the pool, but not the kind of fitness I was dong with Mamavation and I also know this is what kind of exercise I need to do in order to loose the weight.  So today as part of a Virtual 5K that Melissa from put together I am considering myself back on track.  How was everyone else's week?

My goals for this upcoming week
Track my food
Run two-three times
Strength Train 3 times this week

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  1. Great job losing the weight! I am right there with you right now with the lack of "fitness" But I have manitained my weight while out of town on our extended vacation, so I'm not complaining. But with a week left I am eager to get home and back to my routines!

  2. great job girl!! Glad I could help give you the push you needed to get back on track. Thats what we are here for right? You will do fine and good job on your loss!!

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