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  A few months ago one of the gals over at Mamavation posted how she has written a children's book and I was of course super excited for her.  How many us have a big dream and then get to see that dream come to life.  I was so proud for her.  Then she asked for people to review and you know me...I am always going to be first in line jumping up and down saying pick me for a review of a children's book (in fact there was a great study just done that says your child's success in school is most tied to how many books are in your home not how smart mom and dad are!) 

Anywho, Lydia (who is also running to be one of the Mamavation Campaign 17 Moms) sent me a copy that was autographed for my kids which I  loved.  Let me start by saying the book was a bit too old for my 3 year old, but she still loved this pictures.  So this was more of a Dy and Mom book-hence the photo.  

Anyways, the short story focuses on a group of girls in summer who have an encounter with a ghost.  Now don't worry the story isn't scary (it did have a moment where Dy was a bit scared but he made it through).  In the end the group of young girls pay tribute to their ghost through a kind act.  It is really a cute story with a nice ending.  The book as really great pictures and easy to read.  It isn't a really young kid book, in fact I would say it was a wee old for Dy but he is also a huge reader so he could read most of it on his own, but we like to read together.  

I have gotten to "know" Lydia over the last few months through Mamavation and Twitter and this is a great venture for her into book publishing.  If you are looking for a book for your kids to read this summer with a fun theme go pick it up and support another mom who is making her dream come true.  

You can follow Lydia over on twitter by clicking here, you can check out more about the book here, or you can just stop by here or here to buy it.  Also big shout out to her illustrator who did an amazing job check them out here.  

Lydia-Job well done my dear I am so proud to know you and that I get to share in this moment of your book debut.  Congrats and get back to your Mamavation Hazing 

So have you reviewed anything this week....if so link up here.  I would love to give you some love on your reviews!

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