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So as many of you know I had been training to run a 5k.  I have participated in two previous official events but in one I walked the entire thing and the second one I had to walk parts of the race.  I was determined that I would run an entire one.  I had my sites set on one particular race.  I had signed up a few years ago for a race at Mystic Aquarium to benefit the penguins but had to cancel because my best friends son was being baptized that day.  I figured when I signed up in August that I would have enough time to train and get ready.  Well I wasn't exactly ready but I really ramped up my training so that although slow I could run the entire thing.  My college good friend Rebecca also volunteered to meet me there.  The best part of this race….free admission to the aquarium post race.  Ok that isn't the best part…..these guys were the best part!!

While waiting for the race to begin they brought the penguins out to meet the races and no lie this is the closest I have ever been to one it was amazing.  In fact as I was starting the race they had moved the penguins to the starting line so they would wish us all well on our 5k.  

I was a bit surprised once we started our run to find out this was not just a regular 5k it was a trail run…which I had not been expecting to say the least!  My time was about three minutes slower then I was anticipating but I wasn't counting on trails and huge hills either!  Rebecca was a sweetheart and ran wicked slow with me and talked to me the whole time-I had informed her ahead of time that I wouldn't be contributing much to the conversation since well….I would barely be breathing.  

As we approached the finish line I was really overwhelmed by emotion….I did I had run (with the exception of having to stop on the trail to go down to single file lines and about 20seconds of walking at the very top of the big hill) I ran the whole thing.  Best part at the finish line were my husband and my kids cheering me on.  My son did say he was wondering where I was because I was almost last (way to kill my running high kid).  I was just so proud of myself.

There have been a lot of times on this journey to healthy where I have set goals and I have failed to meet them.  Most of these goals are based on loosing weight and I never seem to meet them and not meeting goals makes me feel disappointed in myself but also that feeling of why should I even try mentality.  This was a big moment for me.   At a weight I would prefer not to discuss I ran 3.1 miles.  I moved my big ass through the woods, a field, and up a huge hill all while running.  

This race occurred just over a month ago and I took me a while to be able to right about it and get the words right.  I still don't even think I have correctly summed up what setting this goal and achieving it has meant to me.   It make me realize that I am capable of a lot if I am really willing to work for something.   

So I have set another goal for myself.  By this race next year I want my time to be under 40 minutes.  New goal-something other than weight to focus on for an entire year.  Now to set up my game plan.  

I will leave you with my favorite picture from the race…..the reason I ran in the first place-Me and my kids.  Showing them that sometimes it isn't what place you finish….its that you tried your best and you finished!  

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  1. Joanne Says:

    LOVE this!! There is nothing better than the high of finishing a race- congrats to you!

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